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How Instagram is Growing and Changing the Way We Interact

how to gain followers on instagram - Although Instagram has only been around since October 2010, it’s soared to extremely impressive heights since that time. The social networking site is a convenient platform that enables its users to easily and quickly share videos and photographs. It’s comparable to Twitter, except it’s primarily centered around videos and photographs rather than text.Instagram’s rise has been meteoric. In the summer of 2014, it was the most rapidly growing social media website. It’s no surprise that the social media service is so popular and beloved everywhere, either.Developed by the team of Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, the appeal of Instagram is pretty much undeniable. Whether a person accesses the social media service via VSAT satellite technology, mobile device or anything else under the sun — literally — Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with people. It differs from many other popular social networking sites (think Twitter and Facebook, for example) in that it doesn’t require a lot of words. Interestingly enough, it still manages to give its users the opportunity to write lengthy paragraphs to accompany their pictures. When people use Instagram, they can choose to say a mouthful. They can also choose to say nothing at all. Many people appreciate this freedom. Other social networking sites come with a lot of different rules. On Twitter, messages can’t surpass a certain number of characters, for example.Instagram has changed interactions between people because it’s made it significantly easier for people to stay updated in others’ lives. If someone has a cousin in another state and follows their Instagram account, the pair can stay in the loop about each other without sending even a short text message or email, or — groan — call. People can feel connected to the people who mean the most to them when they use Instagram. If a woman’s husband is away on a distant business trip, she can feel connected to him by looking at his latest photograph posted on Instagram.

If he posts buy 50 instagram likes a picture of the dinner he’s about to eat, his wife can instantly see it and feel like she’s right there next to him.Instagram is currently a multi-billion dollar business that’s practically ubiquitous around the world. If a person visits another country and can’t speak a word of the local language, he may be united with its citizens thanks to a mutual love of Instagram. If a college student visits Eastern Europe for a summer educational program and doesn’t know much about the local tongue, he may be able to communicate with the people there by mentioning his Instagram account.Instagram is also an intensely beloved site all around the world thanks to its lack of need for language. If a person follows the Instagram account of a prominent painter who lives in Russia, for example, they don’t have to know the language to get a good grasp of what’s going on. Pictures, after all, are worth a thousand words. Instagram in many ways makes language less important. If a person doesn’t know a word of the Russian language, that in no way should dissuade them from looking at the Instagram account of someone who speaks nothing other than that East Slavic tongue. Instagram brings the world together in many convenient ways.People don’t interact with others in the same way as they did prior to the existence of Instagram. Because social media services like Instagram exist, many people feel less lonely than they would otherwise. Social media sites such as Instagram enable people to feel in touch with people 24 hours out of the day, no matter what. If a pair of friends is enjoying a cup of coffee together at a local diner, they’re often still connected to other people thanks to social media. If one friend is talking to the other only to get disrupted by a notification from a social media site, that’s a reminder of how truly connected the people of the world now are. A pair of people may physically be together but they’re still also “together” with others who are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from them.

how to get instagram views

Social Media Allows Organizations To Directly And Interactivelyengage Their Consumers

The 21st century is characterized with gain twitter followers various kinds of challengesthat are essentially affecting the ways businesses operate, thesechallenges are driven by events happening inside and outside of theorganizations. Organizations need to study these events andstrategize around them in other to remain in business or gain moregrounds. In view of this, competitive realities faced by businesses,this report will be looking at social media has one of such eventsthat are changing the global business climate.Introduction.Social media allows organizations to directly and interactivelyengage their consumers and customers at a relatively low cost andhigher level of efficiency than can be achieved with traditionalmedia tools like newspaper, magazine, television or radio. This iswhy social media is not relevant for only Large Corporation, butalso small and medium sized companies, non-profit and governmentagencies.Adoption of Social media is not what organization should dowithout proper strategies in place; the benefits are enormous, but itrequires a new way of thinking because it also poses some threatsand risk to organizations.This report will be discussing social media as an emerging theme inIS strategy, the next section will be defining social media, afterwhich it will be looking at relevance, importance and get twitter followers free benefit toorganizations, This report will conclude by reviewing how socialmedia will change in future.

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